Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ironing Board Covers

When we were kids, our mom used to make her own ironing board covers.  She didn't sew, so here's how she did it.  She put old towels on the ironing board as a pad.  Then she put an old sheet on top and pinned it underneath to make it fit.  It worked for her.  But we decided to do something a little more modern.

We both needed a new ironing board cover, so we decided to make them.  When it's time for a new ironing board cover, you can find tacky ones.  But it's always nice to create one out of your favorite fabric.  So that's what we've done for this month's contest.

At first, we thought we would have to just wing it and make our own pattern.  But we both found patterns on sale.  Who knew they made patterns for such things!  The ironing board cover was very easy to make.  Just sew on bias tape and put in elastic.  Yup! That easy.  Unless the small safety pin opens up in the middle of trying to add the elastic.  Don't ask me how many times that happened.

Just a reminder...we don't tell which one of us made which entry.  That way, you're not voting for your favorite person.  And don't look at the background to see if you can recognize whose house it is.  You're voting for your favorite entry.

Here's the first entry.  Do you like trees?  This fabric is called Majestic Oak in Sunglow by Joel Dewberry.

Here's the second entry.  Masculine crosses.  This fabric is called Trade Blanket in Steel by Parson Gray.

If you need a new ironing board cover (and you sew), buy a couple yards of beautiful fabric and get busy.