Monday, March 25, 2013

Ribbon Sewing Challenge

The calendar says it's springtime, but this weather is telling us something much different.  Snowstorms at the end of March should be illegal.  We spent some time together in Washington, DC earlier this month.  We took a little break from sewing and had lots of fun doing our cupcake tour of the city.  Here's just a little taste of our trip!

Boston Creme Pie

Lemon, Coconut and Chocolate

Red Velvet

But...our sewing challenge was a bright, fun challenge.  and it warmed our hearts.  All we had to do was make something with ribbon.  How fun is that!?

Wanna see what we came up with?

The first item is a really cool Burberry theme pillow.  The red ribbon really pops with all the neutral colors.  Very classy!
Burberry Pillow
Burberry with a Solid Pillow

The second item is a bright fun glass holder.  Beautiful strips of ribbon come together with fancy   sewing stitches.  Quick and easy and cute!

Love that combo of bright ribbons

I can find this glass holder in my purse!

I think we've both outdone ourselves this month.  Remember:  You can vote more than once!  :)