Sunday, September 22, 2013

Same Fabric Sewing Challenge

Happy first day of Autumn!  It's the best season of the year.  We're already seeing some leaves starting to turn colors, feel the crispness in the air, and best of all, we're eating honeycrisp apples.  Can life get any better than that!?

We're celebrating this great occasion by posting our monthly sewing challenge.  This challenge is one that we've had planned for several months, but kept postponing it for various reasons.  So....(drumroll please), our challenge this month was to make something using the same fabric.

We both fell in love with Amy Butler's Alchemy fabric collection earlier this year.  The fabric we chose is called Sketchbook in Cream.  It is just beautiful!

 Typically, we don't tell each other what we're making or what fabric we're using.  It's always a surprise when we reveal our finished product to each other.  But this month was different.  We knew what the fabric was, but we didn't know the item each other was making.  We wanted to see how different the fabric would look if we made something different with it.  And, wouldn't you know it, we both made a pillow.  The great thing is that the pillows look nothing alike.

So, take a look, and choose your favorite pillow.  We know the fabric is fabulous.  Hopefully, you will too.  These pillows will be for sale in our upcoming craft shows.

It's a Pillow Fight!!!!  Square vs. Round!!  Vote for your favorite.

As always, your voting is confidential.  We don't know who votes, and we don't know who you vote for.  Just vote!!!