Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tutorial Challenge

We are so ready for winter and snow and cold to be over.  Spring cannot get here soon enough.

This month, we each chose a tutorial of something we hadn't made before. One choice is a bias cut wool scarf, while the other choice is a zipper book clutch. There isn't a lot of sewing involved for either of these tutorials.  Check them out and vote on your favorite.

Zipper Book Clutch
The zipper book clutch is made from a used hardback book.  Cut out the pages (after you read the book) and go from there.  Glue and scissors may be involved.  Check out the tutorial here.

This cute clutch would be a great gift with a gift inside.  Nothing like a two-fer gift.  You can add your favorite chocolate, or a little first-aid kit, or some paper and a pen.  You can also hide important papers in it and set it on the shelf with all your other books.  No one will be the wiser.


Bias Cut Wool Scarf
The bias cut wool scarf makes an elegant, warm addition for the cold and snowy days.  This scarf is cut on the bias and then sewn together on the straight edges.  It's a very simple scarf made with luxurious felted wool fabric.

This scarf would be a beautiful wrap to wear on late fall days. You would feel very special wearing this scarf.  Check out the tutorial here.

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