Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spoonflower Challenge

Hello Spring!  It looks like we've finally started to move to warmer weather.  With a few snow flurries, of course.

The winner of our last challenge was the Zipper Book Clutch.

Did you know that you can design your own fabric?  There is a website called Spoonflower, where you can upload your design.  Then you can have the design printed on fabric.  You have your choice of fabric types to choose from.  You can choose to sell your fabric, and you can also buy fabric someone else has designed and have it printed on the fabric type of your choice.

For one of our previous challenges, we designed our own fabric.  For this challenge, though, we decided to choose someone else's fabric on Spoonflower and see what we could make out of it.  I'm sure you're interested to see what fabrics we have chosen and what we've made.

White Birch Bark Pillow
The design of this beautiful fabric is from a close-up picture of a birch tree.  They cut up the wood and used it for firewood.  Can you believe it?  The type of fabric is called ottoman rib.  The ottman rib fabric was available for only a short period of time, and it's no longer available.  It has a very luxurious look and feel to it.

Baby Hats
The cute little baby hats are made from fabrics from 3 different designers.  The designs are arrows, crosses and stripes with flowers.  The fabric is a modern jersey, which has a very nice feel to it.  Soft and stretchy.  Simple to work with as along as you have the right needle on your machine.

If you sew and are looking for some unique fabric that you can't find in stores, check out Spoonflower.  You will find some very interesting fabric there.  You can also choose to have the designs printed on wallpaper or wrapping paper.  Get creative!!

Please vote for your favorite Spoonflower project.  Is it the beautiful birch pillow or the cute baby hats?  You can always vote for both if you can't decide.  We won't mind.  Just vote!