Thursday, July 31, 2014

Daddy's Sewing Challenge

As you may know, we lost both of our parents 3 months ago.  This has been a tough summer for our family.  Our dad would have celebrated his 86th birthday in July, so our challenge is in memory of him.  We called him Daddy.  That's who he was to us.  He was a hardworking farmer, who loved his family.

We have used our dad's shirts, jeans and bed sheets for this month's challenge.  Yes, one of us took the sheets off our dad's bed.  Why?  Because it was cool fabric.  Who knew that such great things could be made from repurposed menswear and used sheets.  It's a very masculine theme.

The first item is a market bag made from the sheets and shirts.  This cool tote is great to take to the farmer's market on Saturday to pick up your favorite fresh veggies.  It's easy to make and doesn't take alot of fabric.  Can you guess which fabric is the sheets?

Market Tote

The second item is a quilted throw.  It's made from our dad's jeans and shirts (cotton and flannel).  The throw is backed with red organic Herringbone by Monaluna.  The herringbone fabric looks like the imprint of tractor tires in the dirt, which seem very farm-like.

Quilted Throw
We would like to challenge you to make something out of some recycled fabric.  But, before you start your sewing project, remember to vote in this challenge.