Monday, April 22, 2013

Spoonflower Challenge

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own fabric?  Well, now you can.  There is a website called Spoonflower where you can actually design fabric.  Then you can even sell it, if you want.  Spoonflower even has a weekly contest, and you can vote for your favorite fabric design of the week.

Sooo...this month we decided to try our hand at designing fabric and then making something out of it.  How fun!  The problem?!  We can't draw.  One of us actually did draw the design, and the other one of us uploaded photos.

See how our fabric designs turned out, and vote for your favorite!!

Coral and Gray Drawstring Tote
For the cute drawstring bag, the Spoonflower design is the coral flower print and the coral stripes on the inside.  These are two fun prints that were hand drawn.  I could see a cute little girl's dress made out of these two prints.

All this stuff can fit inside the bag.
This bag isn't just pretty, but it is also hard working.

Old Lebanese Stamps Tote
 Photos of old stamps were uploaded to make a cool historical print.  Wouldn't these look great as pillows, too?  Or how about pajama pants?

Inside the tote

Stamps up close
What do you think?  Should we keep our day jobs or become fabric designers?  Hmmm.