Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ruffle Challenge

Ruffle Diaper Cover

Ruffle Scarf

Hi!  We're back.  I bet you thought we were never going to post our latest challenge.  Well, in Jan's last post, she mentioned the Umbrella contest that we are entering.  It's an official contest that we've both entered and our entries are fabulous.  There will be 2 winners, and we both should win. can't see our entries just yet.  We'll show them to you at a later date.

We decided to change up our contest.  This month we did the ruffle challenge.  Aren't ruffles just the most fun thing you've ever seen?  Well, take a look at what we made.  And then you can vote on your favorite.

This month, we aren't going to tell you who made which item.  You just vote on your favorite.  That's all there is to it.

I had to make a test ruffle scarf just to see how it would work.  So, here are pictures of both scarves.

Vote for your fave!  We'll see who wins this month's contest.  Next month, we'll work with elastic.  And then in June, we'll have you vote for our umbrella contest entries.  No, we're not making umbrellas.  Umbrella Prints is having a "real" contest with "real" prizes, and we've entered that contest.

That's all.

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