Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elastic Project

If you love pink, you're going to love our entries for this month's elastic project.  We don't tell each other what we're making until we send each other our photos.  Lo and behold, we both made pink girly items.

We didn't make the same thing, although that's one of our fears.  But...we each made something for a little girl.  A ruffled skirt with elastic waist for a 5 year old girl.  She'll be pretty in pink.  And then we have a floral headband for a baby girl.  Great minds almost think alike.

Pretty in pink skirt.  Love it!  Would it look good on someone my age??? We'll never know.

After I made this cute little headband, I wanted to try it on.  But it just wouldn't fit.  I guess you can call me bigheaded.

Since this is an elastic contest, I wanted to make sure you could see the elastic up close.  And not just the ruffles.  After all, last month was the ruffle contest.  And these are pre-made ruffles.

You will be able to see our June contest photos very soon.  We have entered the Umbrella Prints contest (it's a real contest, not a made up one like ours is).  And there are actual prizes.  You'll be able to vote for your favorites in the real contest in June.  You'll have to have a Pinterest account, so if you don't have one sign up now.  You can't vote unless you're on Pinterest.  And once you're on it, you'll be addicted for life.  Trust me.

For this cute little flower headband, I found the pattern in an apron pattern that I want to make.  The flower could go on the apron, but I thought it would look very pretty sitting on the head of a little baby girl.  Not my baby girl.  But someone else's.  

Be sure to vote for your favorite elastic project.  Don't worry.  Neither of us tried on these items.  They're only safe for small children.

I just want to remind you that the voting is anonymous.  We can't see who you vote for, so just vote!  Don't be shy!!!

And once again, we're not telling you which one of us made which item.  You just choose the one you like the best.  But I bet it will be pink.

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