Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Forgotten Sewing Challenge

Earlier this summer, we decided to enter the Quiltcon Block Challenge.  The idea was to make a modern quilt block using fabric with colors from the Quiltcon logo.  We each selected the fabrics to use in our quilt blocks and set out to make them.  One of us used solids and the other used prints.  We never show each other our sewing challenge entries until we're ready to post them on the blog.  We don't even tell each other what we're making.  We have a terrible fear that one day we'll end up making the same thing.  Twins do think alike, you know.

There's good news and bad news about this sewing challenge.  One of us mailed in our quilt block and shock of all shocks, it was selected to be included on the back of the quilt.  The other one of us forgot to mail in our quilt block.  We had planned to use the quilt blocks and one of our monthly sewing challenges and have voting.  I think it was supposed to happen in July, but somehow it never happened.  One of us started a new job that month, and the other one moved her beloved son to NYC.  We were a little preoccupied.

Since we know what the outcome was of this challenge, we don't have to hide the anonymity of which twin made which block.

I (Jan) decided to use solids for my quilt block, and I sketched out 3 designs that I thought would be really cool with the colors.  I made the first block, but it didn't meet the size requirements for the challenge.  This was an official sewing challenge with official rules.  and official winners.  Making adjustments to my first block would ruin the look I was going for.  Let me just say this...I'm not an accomplished quilt block maker.  This was my first attempt at making a real quilt block.  The first block I made looked really cool, or so I thought, but it just wasn't going to work for the challenge.  So I started on my second block using one of my other patterns.  It turned out really cool.  Here's a picture of it to prove that I really did make it.

Jan's quilt block entry that is now sewn up in the back of the Quiltcon quilt. Check it out.

The forgotten quilt block is pretty cool.  When Joy first showed it to me, I was a little jealous.  I wished I had used prints instead of solids.  And I wished I had made a cooler looking block than what I had made.  But, I guess my choices paid off in the end.  Yay!

Joy's forgotten quilt block.  Isn't it cool?!
Since we aren't competing against each other, we'll go ahead and have a second poll this month.  We'll see whose quilt block would have made it into the quilt if our voters would have been choosing their favorite quilt block.  Go ahead and vote.  We don't know who votes, and we don't care if you know who made the quilt blocks.

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