Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Emerald Sewing Challenge

Did you know that there is a color of the year?  It's true.  This year's color is Emerald.  And the birthstone for May is Emerald.  So, guess what our challenge was for May?!  You got it!  We made something out of emerald fabric.

Check out these cool green creations.  We actually used live models for this month's photos.  You can vote for the cutest model, if you want, but one is headless.  She's a little shy!

Emerald Top
This top was made from the Hot Pattern HP1136.  It is a lined top, so there's twice as much sewing as you would think.  Very cute and comfy.

Emerald Sun Hat

Eldon is a little uncomfortable in his first modeling job.  He hasn't figured out how to get that strap loose yet.  But once he does, that hat is coming off.  The hat is reversible, so if he's feeling argyle, he can wear it with the strap.  If he's feeling dotty, he can turn it inside out and tuck the strap in.  He looks very dashing.  Perhaps a round of golf is in his plans for the day.

This hat is made from the Oliver+S reversible bucket hat pattern.  Check it out here.

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  1. Both projects are super cute! LOVE the top for sure... is that Anna Maria Horner? ;-)