Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby Gift Challenge

Hi!  We're back.  We took a little break in June, but we're back in full force with our sewing challenges.

Our niece, Amber, is having a baby probably tomorrow -- unless things have changed and we don't know it.  We know tomorrow is the date, because she's being induced. Anyway, we thought it would be fun to surprise her with some baby gifts.  She's having a girl, whose name starts with an "E", but the letters after that remain a mystery.  Stay tuned tomorrow and we'll know the full name.

Speaking of the baby name, one of us thought this baby girl should be named Cookie Kay and the other one of us thought she should be named Fortune Cookie.  Here's why.  One grandma's name is Fortune.  The other grandma's middle name is Kay and her last name is Cook.  I wonder where the "E" came from?  Like I said, stay tuned for the name!

Amber already has these lovely gifts in her baby girl nursery, so this blog post won't be a surprise to her.  Just wanted to clear up the confusion if you were thinking she might not know.

Baby Gift #1 -- Quilt
This baby quilt is made with strips of Liberty of London fabrics.  These are fine fabrics that some people have trouble parting with, because they're so beautiful.  But the maker of this beautiful quilt was kind and thoughtful enough to use them for baby girl E.

Quilt Front

Quilt Back
Notice the lines of hand quilting along the rows of fabric.  Very beautiful.  Simple and elegant.
Quilt Binding

Quilting Up Close and Personal

Baby Gift #2 -- Pouf
This beautiful pouf will delight any little girl as she plays in her room.  It's made with the Windy Day fabric by Patti Sloniger with a swing on a tree.  Any little girl would love this fabric.
Pouf with handle

Baby Girl E Pouf

The pouf is about 9" tall and 14" round.  It's just the right size for a small person.  It even has a handle sothat small person to pull it around the house.

Since baby girl E has a big brother who turned one in early July, he also got a pouf.  Every birthday boy needs a birthday present!  This little boy was rolling all around the floor with this pouf.  I wonder if his pouf will survive until his second birthday!  :)
Boy and Girl Poufs

Pouf, Pouf!!

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